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Electric Oven 60 cm, Stainless steel color, 16 function, 71 liter, MultiFlow 360° function, Auto programme, GentleClose door hinge, SlowBake function, Dehydration function, Yoghurt function.


Enamel quality and type are exceptionally important for the oven and its operation. SilverMatte is a highly resistant and strong material that can stand extreme heats, even pyrolytic cleaning at 500 °C. Free from micro pores, it coats oven surfaces and baking trays, making them resistant to the highest temperatures, microwaves and steam. The triple coating of the interior supports heat reflection and provides additional insulation. Therefore, the oven interior always stays sterile and safe.


A special function enables healthy yoghurt to be prepared at home. Automatic temperature and time settings provide optimal conditions that create homemade yoghurt in around 3 hours. This function requires the use of additional Gorenje accessories.


Dried fruit, vegetables, herbs and meat can be easily prepared at home. Dehydration is possible on up to 5 shelves at the same time, which saves time and energy.

HomeMade Plus shape

The oven, now even more spacious, features an oval shape that successfully mimics the traditional wood-fired ovens. This allows optimum circulation of air that completely embraces the food to make it tender and juicy on the inside and amazingly crunchy on the outside. The air is even better distributed throughout the 71-litre cavity with recessed sides, which decreases the occurrence of cool spots that preclude even browning. Special air circulation dynamics affords excellent conditions for professional cooking on a single rack or on several racks simultaneously.

  • Superior Line
  • Energy class: A+
  • Colour: Stainless Steel
  • Handle colour: Colour of brushed stainless steel
  • Control panel material: Glass and stainless steel
  • Usable oven volume: 71 l
  • Multisystem oven BigSpace - 71 l SuperSize baking area
  • Surface of the largest baking pan: 1,316 cm²
  • Removable flat oven inner door glass surface
  • HomeMade Plus shape: HomeMade Plus shape
  • PerfectGrill
  • Electronic control
  • HomeChef, electronic programme module
  • Heating types:
    Lower and upper heater
    Lower heater
    Upper heater
    Infra heater
    Infra heater with ventilation
    Lower heater and fan
    Lower heater with circular heater and fan
    Small infra grill
    Eco function
  • STEPBake
  • Dehydration
  • SlowBake
  • Yoghurt
  • Auto programme
  • GentleClose door hinge
  • MultiFlow 360°
  • OpenView
  • Baking on different levels at the same time
  • 1 Deep tray
  • 2 Shallow trays
  • 1 Glass tray
  • 1 Premium grill rack
  • MeatProbe
  • Wire guides
  • Fully extendable telescopic guides on three levels
  • Thermoelectric fuse
  • Dynamic oven cooling plus - DC+
  • Quadruple glazed oven door with double heat deflector (UltraCoolDoorQuadro+)
  • Mechanic door safety bolt
  • Pyrolytic cleaning
  • SilverMatte
  • TouchFree Inox
  • Energy consumption: 0.69 kWh (venting), 1 kWh (conventional)
  • Grill power: 2,700 W
  • Dimensions (W×H×D): 59.5 × 59.5 × 54.6 cm
  • Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 63.5 × 69.1 × 68 cm
  • Niche dimensions (WxHxD): 56.4 × 59 × 55 cm
  • Net weight: 44.6 kg
  • Gross weight: 48.9 kg
  • Consumption in standby mode: 1 W
  • Connected load: 3,400 W
  • Product code: 472942
  • EAN code: 3838942012228

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