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Electric built-in oven, 60 cm, 77 liters, multi-function, steam function, airfryer, maximum oven temperature 300 °C


Now you can have the crispiness and tastiness of fried food without the extra calories. This method of extremely intensive baking with hot air doesn‘t require any fat to ensure that perfectly delicious crunchy golden crust. In combination with special perforated baking tray, (depending on the model), that perfectly encapsulate the dish all around, you will achieve even better results. Suitable for small cuts of meat, fish, vegetables and pre-prepared frozen products, like French fries and chicken nuggets.


By controlling the temperature inside the food, the BakeSensor manages the entire process and even activates the alarm when the dish is done.


The new generation of Gorenje ovens conceals a shape within the upper part. Now the optimised airflow circulates inside at an even greater volume, circling completely freely. The increased capacity allows preparation of larger baking trays and larger quantities of food, while their outside dimensions remain the same. Instead of the previous 3, the Superior oven now enables using 5 levels at the same time. Capacities range up to 75l in standard ovens and up to 53l in microwave ovens, which is amongst the largest available on the market.


Catalytic cleaning represents a great assistance in oven maintenance. When the oven reaches 85˚C or more during the baking process, catalytic panels automatically start absorbing the grease and impurities.

DC+ System

The DynamiCooling system efficiently cools the oven exterior (or housing) to prevent any damage caused by high temperature. In ovens with the DynamiCooling+ system, the heat sensors regulate the cooling of the oven exterior walls until they reach a temperature of 60 °C. This is particularly convenient in ovens with the pyrolytic cleaning function which works with extremely high temperatures.


This program creates the perfectly steamed environment that ensures your bread will have a high rise and crunchy crust. All you have to do is put some water into a shallow tray, select the ExtraSteam program and let the oven do the work.


The oven reaches a temperature of up to 200˚C in just 6 minutes, saving 30 % of the time needed by standard preheating. This comes in handy for recipes that require a preheated oven. A light and sound signal informs when the temperature is right.

Pizza function

This program with setting of baking temperature up to 300o C was specifically designed to help you bake the perfect pizza, focaccia, flatbread and similar baked delicacies.


The best baking results are achieved with a combination of larger and smaller heaters, where the latter is positioned inside the larger one. The smart positioning of the heaters allows optimal heat distribution and provides the ultimate baking results every time, so food is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. A variable heater combination can use either the inner or outer heater, or both at once. In advanced models, the heater is movable for easier cleaning and maintenance.


StepBake allows the cook complete control of the baking process, which can be manually programed. Simply set the parameters for each of the desired 2 or 3 steps and the oven will take care of everything. No further interaction needed, all that‘s left for you to do is enjoy the final result.

  • Essential Line
  • Energy class: A
  • Colour: Black
  • Handle colour: Colour of brushed stainless steel
  • Control panel material: Glass
  • Eco enamel (oven and baking tray)
  • Multisystem oven BigSpace - 77 l SuperSize baking area
  • Usable oven volume: 77 l
  • Maximum oven temperature: 300 °C
  • Surface of the largest baking pan: 1,360 cm²
  • Removable flat oven inner door glass surface
  • HomeMade Plus shape: HomeMade Plus shape
  • PerfectGrill
  • Mechanic temperature control
  • Knob shape: Sinkable knobs
  • IconLed
  • Heating types:
Conventional with ventilation
Infra heater
Infra heater with ventilation
Lower and upper heater with entry steam
Circular heater with entry steam
  • STEPBake
  • AirFry
  • FrozenBake
  • GentleBake
  • Pizza function
  • SoftOpen and GentleClose door hinge
  • SuperSize
  • ExtraSteam
  • Gratin
  • Interior light: Above
  • 1 Deep tray
  • 1 Shallow tray
  • 1 Premium grill rack
  • MeatProbe
  • Partially extendable telescopic guides on two levels
  • Thermoelectric fuse
  • Dynamic oven cooling plus - DC+
  • Double glazed oven door with one heat deflector (CompactDoor)
  • AquaClean
  • Catalytic fan cover
  • EcoClean enamel
  • Energy consumption: 0.82 kWh (venting), 0.97 kWh (conventional)
  • Grill power: 2,300 W
  • Nominal power: 3.5 kW
  • Dimensions (W×H×D): 59.5 × 59.5 × 56.4 cm
  • Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 62 × 66 × 67.5 cm
  • Niche dimensions (WxHxD) (min-max): 56-56.4 × 59-60 × 55 cm
  • Net weight: 29.2 kg
  • Gross weight: 31.2 kg
  • Consumption in standby mode: 1 W
  • Connected load: 3,500 W

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